starting to write again

I am willing to write again on this blog, since the title is, seems that the blog officially belongs to me, then i guess posts about KLE related and un-KLE related might be justified. also about that lost computer, hard disk and some what-nots inside one sleeve last february on my winter euro trip made me think to post some of the images and memories online so if something happen again (which i hope not) might have been retrieved from the web.

and truthfully I am inspired by my 10 years old niece, Rosa who already has her own wordpress account which she writes beautifully  :)

oh also those much of good memories are there to share and stimulate to people, not for me to keep. one thing I have learned through out 2011 , that “the only thing that is constant in life is CHANGE”

well, yes from now on, on this blog there will be lots of posts of KLE and non-KLE related posts .

oh thank you for supporting me and KLE too .. life is great with your support


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